Costa Rica has been choose and recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world because the wide variety of Land escapes animals, Flowers, Big and beautiful water falls, many volcanoes, Reserves and Natural parks, rain forest and jungle parks , their  beautiful beaches and sunsets.   All of this with the Doctors experience, safe clinic and reasonable prices for dentistry , cosmetic surgery and medical spa treatments makes Costa Rica a good place for medical tourism. 

Our patients can enjoy of this gorgeous  nature, days before, during or after the procedures .

                                                                   COSMETIC DENTIST IN SAN JOSE COSTA RICA
                                                                                    Alexandra Uribe, DDS

Cosmetic Dentist New York university
Member of Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in San Jose, Costa Rica?

At her practice, Alexandra Uribe DDS. provides her patients with exceptional care, safety and professionalism. If you want more information on the procedures she offers at her Dental SPA, please schedule a consultation today.

Board certified by the Costa Rican College of Dentists and Surgeons, Alexandra Uribe, is a Cosmetic Dentist practicing in San Jose, Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, she performs aesthetic Dentistry and Restorative procedures for your new smile. If you are looking for a Costa Rica cosmetic dentist, Dr.Uribe offers you professional care and safety in her state of the art dental SPA clinic located in San José Costa Rica. She is up to date on the latest in cosmetic dentistry and smile design procedures. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist  that has love and passion for his field, look no further than Dr Alexandra Uribe of San Jose, Costa Rica.    She offers a wide range of dental and relaxing procedures, such as smile design and smile makeover with veneers, Porcelain crowns and bridges, Full restorative cases, One hour whitening, Dental home whitening (tooth bleaching), Dental Implants, White fillings or  Resin Composites, Holistic dentistry, Night Guard, Nitrous, Gum surgery, Root canals, Surgical extractions and oral surgery procedures.

What to expect from the consultation  and treatments with Dr Uribe?    
She dedicates a professional time for her patients, the first appointment with Dr Alexandra Uribe is performed to discuss the needs and concerns, medical conditions, drug allergies,  medication you currently take, explain about the dental procedures, their limitations and risks. This will help Uribe to understand your expectations and to   determine whether they realistically can be achieved. She will make a complete clinical exam including face, TMJ, Smile characteristics, mouth and tissues. She uses the latest technology to achieve the best diagnosis, with x rays, intraoral digital camera where you will be able to see your full mouth inside.

For foreign patients we have special arrangements to have all the time you need  in your  visit.  YOU GOING TO INVEST IN YOUR SELF, PLEASE TAKE ENOUGH TIME  TO ASK THE QUESTIONS AND TO PLANNING THE TREATMENT FOR YOU. DO NOT RUSH.

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                                                                PLASTIC SURGEON IN SANJOSE COSTA RICA
                                                                                  Gabriel Alberto Peralta, M.D.

Certified plastic surgeon in Costa Rica
Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Member of the  Costarican Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic  Surgery Association

If you are looking for  plastic  surgery and want to have a procedure performed you may consider Cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica. Gabriel A. Peralta, M.D. has been award winner by the global organization for excellence in health. His practice, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the face and body.

Information on Plastic surgery procedures:
Breast Implants  in Costa Rica
To enlarge your breasts you may consider breast augmentation. Depending on what you want, our plastic surgeon can provide you with a procedure that will fit your needs. He uses anatomical, round, saline or silicone implants, and work with the only two FDA approved brands MENTOR and Inamed  ALLERGAN .
He use three ways to place the breast implant inframamary, transaxillary or periareolar breast augmentation. he uses the ultimate techniques to provide his patient 24-48 hours recovery time.

Liposuction (“liposculpture”): Liposuction in Costa Rica is performed to remove of excess fat deposits. Careful technique and execution using microcanular liposuction and tumescent technique allow him to give his patients the finest and smoother results in Costa Rica. The most common places for liposuction are : face and neck, Abdomen, Waist, Breasts, Chest, Buttocks and Thighs.
Now liposuction is combined with fat transfer to have buttocks augmentation by fat injections, liquid face lift, lip augmentation, and calves fat augmentation.

Tummy tuck Also called abdominoplasty this procedure  correct and  remove  skin excess in the abdominal region, and tighten the abdominal muscles. To get a flat abdominal contour a tummy tuck is performed and months later  a liposuction is carried out.

Facelift    Made under general light anesthesia. Facial rejuvenation requires all the layers involved in aging process to be treated according to the needs of every patient. Skin, fat, facial muscles, and bony structures. Facelift involves removing the skin that it is sagging and repositioning of the musculoaponerotic facial system (SMAS) to the place it used to be. Fat components can be added or removed and deeper structures like salivary glands treated according to the need . The objective is to produce a natural non-pulled look. 

Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery 
Nose reshaping is the ultimate test for an aesthetic plastic surgeon. His or hers analytical capacity and technical skills are tested. Closed or open techniques can be used to address aesthetic wishes and functional problems. Special techniques and attention to detail permit predictable results and a fast recovery. A natural un-operated look being the goal or a more sophisticated one according to patient wishes and expectations.

Otoplasty This procedure is made under general anesthesia in the surgical room for increased precision and maximum safety. All the aspects of the ear should be considered and treated to obtain a well balanced, all natural look.

                                                                                                 MEDICAL SPA
Gift certificates ,Relaxing body treatments and massages, hydrating facials, refresh and rejuvenating
no surgical procedures for fat and cellulites reduction and muscle tone.

For additional information on Costa Rica cosmetic dentistry or plastic surgery in Costa Rica,  offered by Dr. Alexandra Uribe and Gabriel A. Peralta , please view our procedures page you will find information about Dental implants, white Porcelain crowns and dental bridges, white fillings, holistic dental procedures, dental veneers, smile design. Also you can find plastic surgery information about face lift, neck lift, Nose surgery, Otoplasty, Breast enhacement, Hair transplants, Liposuction, buttocks augmentation, Breast lift , Breast reduction, liquid face lift, , , dermal fillers, or Cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica Visiting  www.costaricaplasticandcosmeticsurgery.com

To schedule a consultation with our  Dentist or plastic surgeon in San Jose, Costa Rica  you can  call (506) 2291-6655, for U.S. number, call (954) 281-8534, or fill out our online contact form. Also you can visit our SHANTI MEDICAL SPA FOR REJUVENATION AND RELAXING TREATMENTS.

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